How To Work At Home Calgary

How To Work At Home In Calgary

Working from home can be extremely rewarding in comparison with a traditional employ. If you are raising children, the flexibility of managing your own work space and working hours can increase your quality of life by magnitudes of greatness.

Calgary, Canada Skyline Image on Work At Home SpaceIf you spend an hour commuting each direction every day, then consider what an extra 2 hours per day of free time (10 hours a week, or 520 hours a year) could allow you to accomplish. It ends up being equivalent to 65 8 hour shifts, or an additional 13 weeks of holidays per year for you, that you gain by cutting out your commute alone.

And there can be so many benefits if you approach your Calgary Work At Home journey with correct understanding and strategy.

So, then, HOW Do You Work At Home In Calgary?

How to work at home in Calgary - WAHS

Rather than giving a trite answer, let’s explore some distinctions between working at home and working for an employer. In this way, you will come to understand the building blocks and bottlenecks of becoming your own business leader.

  1. Our first differentiation is that you could still work for a Calgary employer and simply telecommute. In this case, you don’t need to become a self-employed person or a business owner. Perhaps this is the best option for you. You could even propose to your boss that cutting out your commute would allow you much more rest time. Though there may be counter-arguments as well, such as a less focused workspace.
  2. If the distinction in 1. has helped you to realize that you want to lead your own life and finances without reliance on another, then we need to look at what is required to run a business. An employee has their income paid for by their employer. The business, as the employer, must generate the money required to pay you. If you replace your employer, then you become responsible for GENERATING your income. You will become responsible for making sure you are selling something and generating revenue, or receiving leads from someone else that sells for you. The Calgary market may limit you, depending on your skills.
  3. If you are used to earning a certain amount of money per year, then it is helpful to look at your goals in terms of what is actually important, rather than arbitrary goals. You will often hear people say “I am going to quit my job and make a million dollars!”. But when they run out of motivation, it’s because they didn’t understand their own mind well enough and didn’t understand what was truly a first-approach goal. A first approach goal can be something like “I must be making approximately $3,000 per month by November 1st or else my credit cards will be maxed out, and that is something critical to avoid”. You will always feel intrinsically motivated to things that are strong motivators for you. This is important to mention as starting a business from home can be a huge project, and it’s good to approach goals with reason. Even just living in Calgary has some helpful and unhelpful vectors to consider.
  4. Work on your total life vision. “I want to make a million dollars!” is a fairly common statement. But most wouldn’t want a million dollars if it were to result in a crippling health injury. So when observing closer, you may understand that a truer goal would be to get to the point of living comfortably and enjoying your overall life without any oppressive obligations. A distinction like this may seem obvious, but going through one’s mind to understand our basic assumptions can lead to a massively better overall quality of life and state of mind. Maybe you’re better off working from home, but not in Calgary! (Saskatchewan has much lower real-estate prices!)
  5. If you’re going to maximize your money (or health, or romantic relationship) it’s helpful to look in terms of bottlenecks. If I stipulate that I am going to make a million dollars and remain healthy and happy, what are my bottlenecks? Well, if I can only make 10 dollars an hour, then it will take me ages to make a million. So I could look to improve my value proposition to make $1,000 per hour. However, if I can then make a thousand dollars an hour but my work is extremely harmful to my health or mental well-being then I wouldn’t be able to sustain the effort of reaching a million. So another vector is that I must minimize my effort and look for things I enjoy doing…as ONE FACTOR. And so on.

In summary, rather than setting arbitrary goals that have no context, seek to understand where you’d like to improve your life (money, time, relationship, or your state of mind) and then widen the bottlenecks that are blocking you from achieving what you want. To your own surprise, you may even find that it is better and easier for you to temporarily remain employed if it suits your future visions.

Thanks for reading our article about How To Work At Home In Calgary! We hope this has been a helpful meta-strategic approach to increasing your overall quality of life as well as reaching your Work At Home goals.

All our best in your journey,
The Work At Home Team