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Unblocking The Writer's Block with Article Ideas
Written by: S McIntyre
A writer's worse nightmare is thinking of those two dreaded words... writer's block. We all experience it one time or another. Don't fret! Really, there's plenty of topics to write about. Here are six avenues on where to find your spark for writing again.

1. Forums are one of my favourite places. An active forum with a lot of inquiring minds can easily jumpstart a topic.

2. Chat rooms, like forums also offer these great benefits. You don't have to participate, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if you did to get more feedback.

3. Television and radio. Snippets of information, quick tips or polls/surveys can ignite a great article topic.

4. Magazines, newsletters, and newspaper. There are a good variety of headlines that are interesting, thought provoking, controversial and opinionated.

5. Google Alerts. Automatically sent to your email on categories you're interested in. Like #4, for example, you can take someone's opinion and add a new twist or perspective and you'll have a new article.

6. Question and answer sites like Yahoo Answers or Ask Me. They provide plenty of questions.

These are some of the different ways to gather ideas for your articles. Now, here are two ways to write compelling and attention-grabbing articles.

Number list and tips
People love reading about tips. They are precise and to the point. For example:

Top 4 Tips on...
10 Key Elements...
3 Red Hot Tips..
7 Steps To...

How To's
Most people are keen on learning how to do something well, so "How To" articles peak their interests. For example:

How To Make An Obscene Amount of Money Online
How To Turn Visitors Into Buyers

With these ideas, you can rest assure you have plenty of article topics to write about. Maybe so many that you will need to keep a notepad and pen with you at all times.


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