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Article Writing - Avoid The Regurgitated Content Writer's Trap
Written by: S McIntyre
A good writer does not write regurgitated content from an original article they have previously written unless they have something new to add.

What does it mean to regurgitate your own articles?
It's an article you have previously written and then it's rewritten with the same ideas, points and tips. Rearranging of paragraphs and changing sentences around also falls under the regurgitated category.

It's okay to use this method if you plan to use the similar articles in two different places like on your website and to an article directory, but it's not wise to submit both articles to the same place.

Here are two examples describing article rehashing with the third example showing how it should be done properly.

Example: Original Article
Data entry jobs are hard to find. If data entry jobs ask for registration or training material fees, they are most likely scams. Real data entry jobs ask for a cover letter and resume. You also go through an interview process. This is how you can distinguish between real data entry work and a scam.

Example: Article 2
The most sought after work at home job is data entry, but be careful of the ones who ask for money for registration or other fees as they are not legitimate. True data entry job openings go through the traditional application process of sending in a resume and getting an interview. If you don't see or they don't ask for these requirements, then it's most likely a scam.

Example: Article 3
Many people prefer the non-phone jobs such as data entry, but these positions are rarely posted to the public. You can find freelance data entry work by registering on bidding sites like In place of data entry, general transcription is often highly recommended. If you're accurate, have excellent typing skills and have a good ear, transcribing may be for you.

See the difference? Article 3 adds new information as opposed to article 2 where it was rewritten to create the same meaning as the original.

Here are four tips on how to avoid writing regurgitated articles.

1. Refer to your original written articles and take out the main points. These are the points you're going to avoid or expand to bring new and different ideas.

2. It's often said to write what you know, but what you know may be superficial so dig deeper by researching to learn more so you can add more depth to your article.

3. Choose article topics that are in your niche, but something you are quite unfamiliar with so it requires you to do research.

4. Look for thought provoking quotes to jumpstart your thinking process and to come up with new concepts. Often you can take a simple quote, translate it and tie it to a topic that can be used in your niche. I also find reading articles that are not within my niche can spark new ideas.

Just like a comedian, a writer needs to come up with new material to keep its audience coming back. You don't want to be a one dimensional regurgitating article writer, but a writer who cares about its readers by adding quality, value and knowledge to their articles.


Find more tips on article writing on Sophia's work at home forums.

S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on providing work at home jobs, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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