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7 Types of Article Writing Formats
Written by: S McIntyre

Article writing formats can be presented and written in many ways and there are different types of articles that can reach and meet the needs of your target audience. To broaden your writing skills, work with different types of articles to give your readers variety. The most important thing is to be able to effectively convey what you want to say in the clearest way so choose a format or a combination of formats that works for your niche and target market.

How-To Articles
How-To articles are very popular and is one of the easiest articles to write. They are articles that show you step-by-step instructions on doing something. These types of articles may or may not consist of sub-titles, but you will often see them in numbered or sequenced steps. When writing how to articles it's important to be clear and concise. If it's possible you can use illustrations to help in your explanation.

List Articles
A list article is also popular, easy to write and this article is a fine example. It consists of related information written in short paragraphs or in several sentences. These types of articles are easy to read when you're looking for specific points.

Review Articles
With this type of article writing it's based on your honest yet objective point of view about a product or service you used.

Seasonal Articles
Seasonal articles relate to a holiday event or certain time period during a particular time of the year. Some examples are Valentine's Day, Christmas, graduation, summer holidays etc.

Evergreen Articles
These articles are opposite of seasonal articles. They are called evergreen, timeless or classic article pieces that require little or no revision of information and rarely do they become obsolete.

Personal Experience
This type of article writing is written in first person and it tells of your personal story. It can be positive or negative and if it's negative be sure to offer some wise words or tips to turn the situation into something positive.

Humour and Satire Articles
Humour articles are one of the more difficult articles to write because not everyone is going to get or think your type of humour is funny. More so, satire articles are even harder because it can be taken the wrong way and many people are easily offended. When it comes to satire writing make sure you know what you're talking about because you would look pretty stupid if you got your facts wrong.

Look to these article writing formats when you want to inject something new and fresh to your writing. Your readers will appreciate the diversity when you write from different formats.


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