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7 Sure-Fire Ways To Lose Blog Visitors and Subscribers
Written by: S McIntyre
If you ever wondered why you're losing blog visitors or you can't get subscribers, these seven reasons are very high possibilities you're doing something extremely wrong.

1. Too Many Posts
Posting too much in one day or in a week is overkill and it's too hard for your subscribers to keep up with what's new. Instead spread out your posts and give them the exposure they deserve. Allow people to read and absorb the information without pushing something new every minute.

2. Too Little Posts
Infrequent blog posts make you look like you don't care about your visitors or subscribers or they aren't worthy of your time. If you were blogging consistently and suddenly you stop people will automatically make assumptions you have abandoned your blog.

3. Non-Existent or Hidden RSS Feed
If you don't make it easy for your visitors to find your subscribe or RSS feed button they are more likely to leave. Place your RSS icon in a visible spot either near the top of the page or at the end of each blog post.

4. Poor Quality Content
If your blog content is loaded with grammatical and spelling errors, it's a major turnoff and if it offers nothing of value there's no point for a visitor to come back or subscribe to your blog. Don't waste people's time. Write quality blog posts and give them something to think about. You have a blog for a reason and that reason should be to share with others your knowledge.

5. Disabled Comment Feature and Heavy Moderation
Blogs are considered social media sites and they are used for building relationships. If you disable comments, you lose out on interacting with your readers. The same goes for heavy-handed moderation on comments. It is necessary to block out spam, inappropriate comments or comments that offer no value, but not all negative comments should be censored. By doing this, you're not allowing people to share their opinions. Controversy now and then is not a bad thing. On a positive note, you can get a lot of traffic and possibly new subscribers.

6. Too Many Ads
Enough said. It's suppose to be a blog with valuable content, not a classified ad page.

7. Poor Design
Poor layout with glaring colours and small print just doesn't work for a lot of people. Keep it clean, avoid clutter, make navigation easy and don't over-stimulate the senses.

Be yourself and keep it real and avoid all of these seven blunders if you don't want to lose visitors and subscribers.


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