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5 Unethical Article Writer's Pitfalls
Written by: S McIntyre
What kind of article writer are you? Are you an ethical writer? There is an unwritten code of conduct for writers who should always follow the right rules if you want be known as an honest, genuine and knowledgeable person in your niche.

Unfortunately, there are article writers who make costly mistakes and damage their credibility by being unethical. To be an ethical writer, you must avoid these five pitfalls.

1. Avoid plagiarism at all cost. This is one of the worse offenses a writer can make. There's absolutely no excuse why a writer should steal another writer's article and claim it as their own. Even if you don't take the article as a whole, but take paragraphs or sentences and incorporate them into your article, it's still considered plagiarism. Plagiarism isn't worth it and it does a lot of irreversible damage to your reputation.

2. Avoid writing anything that is illegal or frowned upon by the majority. It's not smart to write on topics about hacking software, how to add spyware, violence, pornographic materials, hate or anything of that nature. Just don't write it.

3. Avoid rehashing previously written articles. This is another bad offense. It's fine if you're updating a previously written article with new ideas, but it's not fine to rewrite an article for the sake of rewriting. People write articles to build and promote their business, to gain trust and show people they are knowledgeable. It doesn't help you if you regurgitate information they read before.

4. Avoid misinformation. To be known as an expert in your industry, you must make sure you write with correct facts. It's wrong to lead someone down the wrong path and it's an insult to people who are in the same industry as you.

5. Avoid bad writing. Bad writing doesn't get you anywhere fast. Poor grammar and bad spelling is a major turn off. You can't expect someone to take you seriously if you don't take pride in your writing. It's a bit different if English is your second language, but you still have to be able to write with clarity so people can understand what you're trying to say.

Don't waste people's time by being an unethical article writer. Take the time to be a knowledgeable and informative writer. Keep this in mind people who read your articles may be people who are looking up to you as a leader or a mentor. Don't disappoint them and don't ruin your reputation by slipping up and falling into one of these pitfalls.


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