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5 Solutions To Improve Your Article Writing Skills
Written by: S McIntyre
If you think your article writing skills aren't very strong, you're not alone. For some of us writing comes naturally and for others it's sometimes a struggle after you open up Notepad or Word.

You're not doomed. There are five very simple and effective ways to get better and improve your writing skills.

1. Blogging is a creative outlet for many people. It allows for freedom of expression and opinions. You don't have to make yourself sound uber professional unless of course that is what your blog is about. Allow yourself to just write on your blog from thought. If blogging is a little too open for you, then keep it to yourself and open Notepad and start writing.

2. It has always been said to introduce books to children at a very young age. Reading books to them builds their vocabulary, speech and language development and as they get older it becomes a life-long interest in reading. As adults reading a variety of books or materials that interest you builds your vocabulary and grammar and improves your own writing style. As hectic as a day can be, read something at least once a day and for at least 30 minutes.

3. One of the key things to improve your writing skill is to find a mentor or someone you trust to critique and proofread your work. Finding someone who is also a writer would be a huge benefit to you as they will know what to look for.

You want someone who is honest and who can provide constructive criticism without the sugar coating. Listen and make note of the critique because if it's the same critique each time then it's area you will need to concentrate and improve upon.

4. You can look for writing exercise worksheets, tutorials or workshops to improve your writing skills. You can find these writing resources online, in a bookstore, library, writing courses offered at a community college or community center, and even in niche community forums.

5. Writing consistently doesn't mean write to publish every day. Take the time to write something each day for a set amount of time or you can set up a small writing project as a goal to reach. If you write to publish, once per week is good and if you can write more it would be great.

Implement these five ways to improve your writing skills so you can write consistently well and to produce great and effective articles each time.


S McIntyre is an Internet Marketer, Article Marketer, Ghostwriter and founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on providing work at home jobs, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related.

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