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5 Examples of Comment Blog Spam
Written by: S McIntyre
Comment spam on blogs is really annoying especially when it's blatant spam. Some are really obvious and some not so much. Some are getting a tad creative to slip by comment spam filters. I manually approve all comments before they are live on my Blogger blog. Of course, if you have a Wordpress blog there are good plugins you can download to help with catching spam.

Here are some examples I've come across more often than I care to know. Unfortunately, I don't want to disapprove legitimate comments, so I have to take the time to read some comments that are quite lengthy. I've paraphrased these examples of comment spam so you'll get the idea.

Example 1:
You have a wonderful way of displaying your blog. I really like your theme, but I don't know if it's my computer or it is on your end, but I have to scroll across to read your blog. Please fix it because you have an informative blog.

I did take the time to go look in multiple browsers to see if it was a legitimate problem or comment spam. Unfortunately (not really, but you know what I mean), it was the latter.

Example 2:
Similar in wording to example 1, but they say the images on my blog are broken.

Again, I checked just to be sure my images were displaying properly in all browsers. And, of course, they were.

Example 3:
Similar to example 1, but now they want to know how long I have been blogging and compliment me about my blog loading super fast and how they can have their blog load super fast.

This one I knew was comment spam because my blog is not self-hosted.

Example 4:
They comment on a blog post from three years ago and all they write is, "Nice post."

Who comments on a post from three years ago and only writes two words? Someone who wants a back link to their blog or site that is usually spammy already.

Example 5:
Blog comments like this one is pretty wild. It's complete nonsense at best. This one was left on a blog post about hemp seeds.

"Gentleman are not able to reside on bread by yourself, nor can he reside with only 1 model of hat. You can also existing bandanas to the attendees as wedding day gifts. They can just take the photos, download them, and edit them.

Just establish positive the headgears continue to be within of a fantastic concern." Then they left a link to their hat website.

What?!? Hemp seeds and hats? No, not even close. The hats weren't made from hemp.

In these five examples, they all have something in common. Their links have nothing to do with my blog's niche. It's not effective to get a back link on someone's blog if their niche is not remotely related to yours. In fact, it's harmful more for you because you don't want to be associated or linked with shady blogs.


Sophia McIntyre is the founder of Work At Home Space, a free resource for finding telecommute jobs and money making opportunities. She is also a freelance ghostwriter for hire who loves helping others bring their words to life.

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