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15 Common Blogging Terminology
Written by: S McIntyre
Welcome to the blogging world! Before you jump in, familiarize yourself with these 15 common blogging terminology.

1. Blog - Short for weblog. It's similar to an online journal. You may use it for personal or business. The blog entries are in chronological order.

2. Blogosphere - A blogging community

3. Blog Carnival - A blog article containing links of other articles on a specific topic

4. Blog Roll - A list of blogs you recommend to visit. Also called link exchange

5. Captcha - Squiggly random letters, words or numbers used to block bots.

6. Categories - Organizing blog topics by grouping related topics together to make it easier to find

7. Comment Moderation - Allows the blog owner to pre-approve or reject comments made by visitors

8. Comment Spam - Comment spam is the act of posting random comments on blogs, which are unrelated to the topic or promoting URL links leading to sites containing adult content, pharmaceutical drugs etc.

9. Link Love - Posting a link on your blog or other blogs you think may be of interest to others

10. No Follow - Is found on blog platforms to prevent search engines from following a link in a comment reply. This was used to deter spammers. To remove "no follow" visit for instructions

11. Ping - Letting blog search engines know you have updated your blog. You can use a ping service such as to ping multiple search engines at once

12. RSS Feed - Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication is a format for delivering regularly changing web content

13. Splog - Blogs that are just spam. Usually splogs contain scraped (stolen) content from other blogs

14. Trackback - Is a notification from blogger A to blogger B by sending a ping to say I have written something related to your blog post on my blog. The first person receives the trackback in form of an excerpt with a link to the post of blogger B

15. Vlog - A video blog

Now you can dive in and enjoy your blogging experience!


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