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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Are You Ready To Blog?
Written by: S McIntyre
Many people create blogs only to forget about them in a few months. Before you jump on the blogging bandwagon here are 10 questions you need to answer before you start your blog.

1. Purpose - What is the purpose of your blog? Will it be for personal or business? I don't recommend mixing a business blog with your personal life. A blog should have continuity and flow and what breaks that flow is when you talk about your business in one post and the next post is about organic baby food. It doesn't make sense. It's okay if your business is related to organic foods, but it doesn't work if your business is about designer fabrics.

2. Topic - If you narrow down your topic or niche too much, you may find you don't have a lot to blog about.

3. Blog Platform - Now is the time to decide if you're going to use free hosting (Blogspot) or paid domain and hosting ( If you go with there's no guarantee your blog will always be there. While Blogspot requires little or no HTML experience, functionality is limited and if you decide you want to move your blog to there's also no guarantee that it can be moved. Think carefully about this one. Note: doesn't allow business promotions, affiliate marketing or monetizing on their platform.

4. Target Market - This goes back to the purpose of your blog. Who are you blogging for? What will they learn from you? What are they interested in reading from you?

5. Time Commitment - The success or failure of a blog is largely dependent on time. Don't think that you can set up a blog, add a few posts and leave it. You have to provide fresh and quality content to keep your target audience coming back. There are ways to work around this by pre-scheduling posts, but you still have to find the time to write and promote. If you have other business endeavors, how will blogging impact your other businesses time wise?

6. Shared Blogging - This can be beneficial if your time is limited, but it also has it pros and cons. If you want to be the sole decision maker on every aspect of your blog, then shared blogging is not for you.

7. Original Content - Some people use reprinted articles from other people on their blogs and that's okay, but it's also essential to write your own blog posts. If you're blogging for business it's important to build your brand, trust and credibility. Your words weigh more than the thoughts on an article written by someone else.

8. Traffic - How are you going to get traffic? Many times people create blogs and realize there's no one reading. You can choose from a multitude of free advertising methods like article writing, Twitter, signature advertising, social bookmarking etc

9. Monetize - Will you monetize your blog or sell ad space? There's nothing wrong with making money with your blog, but will it distract or take away sales from your business?

10. Knowledge - How much do you really know about blogging? The more knowledge you have, the more successful your blog will be.

Take the time to answer these questions honestly so you can decide if blogging will be successful and profitable for you.


You can learn more about blogging on Sophia's work at home forums.

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