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Work At Home Job Search: Preparation Is The Key
Written by: S McIntyre
Before doing any work at home job search, you must have a clear career plan if you want to be successful in finding a telecommute job.

When you hold a business meeting, give a home presentation, have a job interview or a catering gig what is the one thing you do? You prepare weeks in advance or the night before. Preparation is a definite must-do.

Here are three important steps to conquer before you set forth on your work at home job search.

1. Assuming you already have a home office or a dedicated work space, the next step is deciding what you want to do. Many people know they want to work from home and they want to make money online, but they have no idea which direction they want to go in.

Review your financial situation by sitting down with a pen and paper, dig deep and be totally honest with yourself. How much are you looking to make per month or is it a supplemental income? How well do you know yourself and what are you capable of or qualified to do?

Name your top three choices for the desired job you want. I say three because being too narrow in a chosen field closes your options pretty quickly. You want to stay open-minded as this will open multiple doors for you.

Your first option should be the job you are most qualified for and have the most skills and experience. This is also the time to improve or brush up on anything you feel rusty in.

2. Next is drafting or updating your resume. Create several resumes that work with each of your three choices and allow for tweaking if necessary. If you have employment gaps, you want to choose a functional resume that highlights your skills, experiences and accomplishments rather than the where and when.

I don't recommend posting your resume online on sites like Monster or Career Builder because from my experience you'll get bombarded with emails or phone calls from dodgy "employers" who don't offer real employment.

Create a cover letter template that you can fill in and tweak for each position you apply for because it should be tailored to the job you're applying for. This is extremely important.

3. Organize your job research by gathering or visiting reputable work at home websites that offer free listings of genuine telecommuting companies.

Gather pertinent information about the company, job requirements or specifications, pay rate etc. and input them into an Excel spreadsheet. There are companies that are always accepting new applications so these are the companies you want to apply with first. Peruse the websites and look for resources and tips on how to conduct your job search, where to find them, and so forth.

Preparing yourself and completing each of these three steps will save you precious time. Now you are more efficient, focused, organized and ready to tackle your work at home job search in a highly competitive work at home job field.


S McIntyre is the founder of a free work at home resource offering reputable listings of work at home companies, job resources, articles, support and networking forums and much more.

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