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Work At Home Job: Be Prepared In Case of A Layoff
Written by: S McIntyre
Being faced with the possibility of getting laid off from your work at home job is a scary, stressful and frightening ordeal. It's not something you want to think about or want to happen, but by being realistic and being prepared, these are your two best defenses if and when the time comes.

Once you feel or think there may be a mass layoff in the near future, start looking for a new company. While this takes time, most people who have a work at home job also supplement their income with other smaller jobs. When they say don't keep your eggs in one basket, this is what they mean.

There are many ways you can earn an income while working a regular job. To name a few, there is affiliate marketing, freelancing, writing articles for content mills either getting paid per article or paid through revenue shares. You can also have a work a home business, for example, in direct sales. Many of these other money making opportunities can be done when you have time so these aren't interfering with your regular job.

Next, always be mindful of your resume and keep it updated. It doesn't hurt to ask for letters of recommendations or references in your current job because you just never know and be sure to update these when necessary.

If you Twitter, Facebook or belong to any other online social networking sites, keep in touch regularly by actively engaging on these sites. It's better to be consistently visible than to just suddenly show up out of the blue. You want to keep and continue to build relationships that will help you when you need it most. Plus, make sure all the contact information you have on them are current.

If your current job offers training courses, be sure to always attend them. Glean as much information as you can as it can only be beneficial to you. On your own, there's always room for improvement or something new to learn. Don't wait until it's too late. You can start working on yourself through self-development courses or refreshing or upgrading your skills.

Not all companies are forthcoming with information for their remote workers so keep your eyes and ears open for news about your company. You should be on the look out for any shortcomings or any signs that a layoff is looming.

Being prepared and actively doing the above mentioned things while you're still employed will soften the blow a bit. It will still be an unfortunate situation, but at least it won't be so unsettling.


S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on providing work at home jobs, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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