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When A Work At Home Job Finds You Through Networking
Written by: S McIntyre
It's the best work at home job case scenario to have other than having a work at home job opportunity handed to you with your name on it. Very quickly it can become discouraging and frustrating when you are constantly applying for positions and not getting any immediate results. Competition in the work at home field is extremely fierce, competitive and tough.

Did you know there are other ways to find a work at home job and networking is the single most effective method?


Networking is very important, powerful and when it's done properly it's a huge benefit. When you network on work at home forums, your focus should not be on getting a job, but you should be focused on making connections and making friends. These friends you engage with may know someone who is looking for help in their business or they themselves may need your assistance down the road. Think of these friends as your referrals and your word-of-mouth because building solid business relationships is a two-way street.

Ask questions and engage in the discussions on the forums. By sharing your experiences or offering your knowledge, it's one way for others to get to know you. If you're a helpful person by nature karma will come back to you. For instance, if you found a job lead you weren't qualified for, pay it forward and eventually someone will send a job lead your way. If you're well-liked by the community, it's that much easier for people to think of you first when a job lead comes about or help is needed.

Be consistent and visit work at home forums often. You don't want to be lost or be forgotten. Forums also offer a field of opportunities and you never know when it'll be there so you don't want to miss them.

Other places to network are on social networks. These include Ryze, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or MSN groups and so on. You will find many people who network on forums also use social networks. Get to know the groups before you join them to see if it's the right fit for you.

It's not unheard of to have a work at home job unexpectedly fall into your lap because I wasn't searching for my most current job. The work at home job found me through consistent networking and building relationships on various work from home forums.

Get yourself out there and start networking.


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