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Top 6 Questions to Ask Yourself If You're Ready to Work at Home
Written by: S McIntyre
It's easy to say, I've decided I'm going to work at home and I just need to find a job. In reality it's a lot more than just finding a work at home job.

Are you really prepared? Here are six questions to ask yourself before you seriously consider working from home.

1. Are you qualified to work at home?
Telecommuting is not for everyone and it's not something anyone can do. It requires discipline, motivation, organization and good communication skills.

2. Can you work independently?
This question seems a bit ironic as working from home is working on your own without hand-holding from your boss or supervisor. If you require constant pats on the back or reaffirmation you're doing a fine job, then working at home isn't for you. Working at home requires organization, motivation, self-discipline, self-sufficiency and independent thinking. Having all of these traits will simplify the work and make telecommuting successful.

3. Can you communicate effectively?
When instructions are sent to you via email it's not always crystal clear. You don't always see the big picture and sentences can be interpreted in many different ways. Are you able to be precise about asking for clarification by means of a phone, email or instant messenger?

Are you detail-oriented? You don't want to hang up the phone and then realized you needed clarification on another question.

4. Are you reliable and/or flexible?
Working at home doesn't mean you can start working when you feel like it unless your job is really that flexible. Can you start on a set schedule and meet deadlines? Are you ready to accept a graveyard shift, early morning shift or a weekend shift? How about working hours that are less than ideal?

5. Do you have a dedicated work space?
Telecommuters know all too well distraction is one of the biggest pitfalls and how easily one can lose their focus and concentration. You can't be productive and get things done if you have the TV on and your kids are constantly tugging at you and striving for your attention.

6. Is your home office equipped?
It's not necessary to have all these equipment in your home office. Beside the obvious a desk, a comfortable chair and computer with Internet access, are you equipped with a second phone line, fax machine and printer or copier?

A filing cabinet will make it easier to keep all your papers and files organized. A headset if your job is customer service or you will be using the phone a lot or a foot pedal if you're a transcriptionist. These two items can always be purchased after you're hired.

If you can answer each of these questions honestly, then you may well be on your way to successfully working from home.


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