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Keeping Your Work At Home Job In Tough Economic Times
Written by: S McIntyre
Work at home jobs are still hard to land, but once you find one keeping it can also be difficult in tough economic times. There are certain factors a company look for when deciding who should stay and who should be laid off. There are some common sense things you should do and shouldn't do.

Follow these tips below to increase your chances of keeping your work at home job.

  • Be informed in your industry and keep abreast of your company's happenings. Rumours and assumptions can spread quickly and can be harmful if they are false.

  • Stay positive and upbeat for your own sanity. Not everyone is going to like your attitude, but it's better than having a long face. Who wants to be responsible for bringing down the morale of others?

  • Don't participate in the bashing, gossiping, complaining and whining about the company on public work at home boards and networking sites. It's unprofessional and most likely will cause your termination.

  • It's understandable when times are difficult people react and deal with stress in different ways. Some lash out, become catty and are disrespectful and just plain rude to their co-workers. Hold your tongue it could be the thing that saves you from the pink slip.

  • Stay out of the drama. When you get involved even for good intentions you're more likely to end up getting emotionally charged and possibly saying things that could hurt your chances of keeping your job.

  • Take initiative and be a leader. Help solve a problem or help a co-worker. Make yourself stand out and show how valuable you really are. Go above and beyond your job description.

  • Work on self-improvement. Evaluate your contributions on a weekly basis. Know more than the next person, do something better. What can you do that is uniquely you and how will it help you in your position or help the company in the long run? If you have some hidden talent now is the time to show it and shine.

  • Try to be more flexible if the boss asks you to work overtime, work an extra day or give you more responsibilities. Being the one the boss can count on is sure to help in keeping your job.
While there are no guarantees you will keep your work at home job and survive a round of lay offs, at least you know you committed yourself wholeheartedly to the job and to the company and that's really the most you can do.


S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on providing work at home jobs, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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