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Is Your Work At Home Job Search Consuming You?
Written by: S McIntyre
There's no quick fix to find a work at home job. Finding and getting hired to work at home is just as tough as going out and finding a brick and mortar job. So what it is that you're supposed to do?

Give yourself a break.

What? Yes that's right. As hard as it sounds and it probably is, it's the best thing you can do for yourself. But why am I telling you to take a break? When you let your work at home job search consume you, you're sacrificing something else like spending time with your kids, doing housework, or not taking care of you.

Searching for a work at home job is the same as searching for a job outside the home. Does this sound like you? You sit all day at your computer weeding out the legitimate jobs from the scams, you are stressing because you're not sure how you're going to pay your bills and you're obsessed with checking your emails every half hour to see if Human Resources replied. You're physically and mentally exhausted and it makes you ill just thinking about it?

Is it productive? No.

The truth is the job isn't going to magically appear no matter how many hours you spend sitting in front of the computer. I used to think if I worked my business the same hours or more every day, 365 days a year I would reap more. Truthfully, I earned more when I balanced my energies between my work at home business and my work at home life.

Prepare your day by planning and setting up a schedule. Will you be researching companies for its legitimacy or will you be applying for jobs? Use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of which companies you've researched or applied at. You may want to include these information date, position applied for, contact details, your own notes and other pertinent information. This will also help when you need to do follow ups.

When you're done, you're done because you can only do so much before it's out of your hands. Step away from the computer. Cleaning the house can be therapeutic and completing a simple task like doing a load of laundry can make a difference on how you feel. A change of pace can relieve stress, supply renewed energy and focus and most of all increase productivity.

Don't let the work at home job search own you because it will only frustrate you.

Find a balance as you will need it when you do start your work at home job.


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