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Finding The Work At Home Job: To Pay or Not To Pay?
Written by: S McIntyre
There seem to be some confusion among many newbies just coming aboard the work at home train. I know how difficult it can be to wrap your head around all the information provided. Sometimes it's as clear as mud and sometimes it's just plain murky.

Let's define work at home j-o-b. Yes, that's job with hyphens in between it. Why? Simply because you will know I mean a job that requires skills and or experience, a cover letter, resume and an interview. You may be an employee or Independent Contractor with a set schedule and a set wage.

It is true you should never pay to get a job. It works like any brick and mortar. The exception to this "rule" goes to purchasing equipment to help you perform the job properly and this may include a headset or foot pedal. Sometimes a background check is required if you're dealing with sensitive information, but this is done after you are hired and not before. Most companies will pick this tab up, but there are a few who don't and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it as long as the company is legitimate and reputable.

Now I just said it was true you should never pay to get a job, right? Exactly. Here is the difference and I'll explain a bit later. In most cases, you can find jobs on your own. There are plenty of work at home sites that provide FREE access to work at home companies and job leads. Some are researched and most are unresearched meaning you have to do all the legwork. What happens if you don't have the time or the resources or you're not "the job searcher and sniff-out-scams" savvy type person? Then there is an option for you to pay a one time lifetime membership fee to receive access to researched and reputable work at home companies. Confused about the pay thing? Don't be! Here's my explanation. You're not paying to get a job; you're paying for a service; for an agency to do the legwork for you. While there are mixed opinions on this issue, it is simply that...opinions. Don't let someone deter or sway you. Only you know the reasons why this could be a good solution for you.

Again, you will come across many sites who don't provide a legitimate service. There will be some, who have a database full of jobs, but the jobs can be found everywhere or it's not updated on a regular basis. There is one particular site with a very good reputation, comes with good recommendations and have been online since 1999.
Pamela La Gioia, Founder and Administrator of Telework Recruiting Inc. provides recruiting services for companies seeking telecommuting candidates as well as a membership based site for individuals looking to find telecommuting jobs and telecommuting companies.
Whichever direction or option you choose and everything is clear as mud, I wish you luck in finding your work at home job!


S McIntyre owns, a free work at home resource focusing on telecommuting companies, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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