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Defining Data Entry Jobs and Data Entry Programs
Written by: S McIntyre

Every day at least one person will ask if a particular data entry job is legit.
Every day at least one person will ask to find a data entry position.

Data entry jobs are the most desired, most favourable and most sought after position online. You will hear often data entry jobs are rare, few and far between and it's true. If that's the case, why do you see them scattered online so much?

Here's the difference between data entry jobs and data entry programs.

Data Entry Jobs
Data entry keyers inputs lists of data (alpha and numeric) into a spreadsheet or computerized database. Most reputable companies hire based on keyboarding skills, keystrokes per hour (KPH), accuracy and speed. These positions also require a cover letter and resume from the applicant and the applicant may be asked to take a typing test. They never ask you to pay for registration or training material fees.

Data Entry Programs
These are the ones people always ask about...especially for its legitimacy. Anything that promises or guarantees high returns for very little work is mostly a scam. I say mostly because the word scam is thrown around in a much too general way...just like the words data entry is.

These are not real data entry work or positions per se. These are business opportunities or programs which require upfront fees. The websites are colourful, bold and they almost always have screenshots of how much money can be made each day.

So, where's the data entry?

These programs consist of using Clickbank, a retailer of digital products. You would sign up for a free account with Clickbank, choose a digital product and then use Google Adwords (pay-per-click) to promote. Filling out the information on Adwords is where these companies label it data entry. Misleading? Yes to a point because primarily you're selling a product; you're an affiliate and you're not paid for the information you input, but you're paid a commission based on how many sales you make.

Is it legitimate? I would not pay for something I know I could do free. They may throw in some e-books to help you become a better affiliate, but the Internet is a huge source of information and all of it can be found for free.

Now you know the difference between data entry jobs and programs pretending to be data entry, there are real companies who pay you as an Independent Contractor or employee. Although these highly wanted positions aren't so readily available or highly publicized, don't give up on your search. Don't stop looking because your desired job may be just around the corner.


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