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Bubblews Review: Why I Don't Recommend Writing For Bubblews
Written by: S McIntyre
I'm sure by now you have read numerous and mixed reviews about a revenue sharing writing site called Bubblews. The ill-fated question, "Is it a scam?" will always haunt this company who pays some people, but not all. I joined Bubblews on November 1, 2012. I was paid three times and then it stopped. I don't know what happened, but I don't recommend writing for Bubblews.

First of all...

How do you earn with Bubblews?
Earning with Bubblews is super easy. You are paid 1 cent per unique view, comments, likes and dislikes, and social media shares. If you write on a hot topic, you can easily make pay out the same day. Pay out is $25 via PayPal, Visa gift card, or snail mail cheque. Even if you don't write on a hot topic, but you have a lot of connections, that is, members who follow you and read, like and comment on your posts, you can reach pay out in a matter of days. You can write up to 10 posts in a 24 hour period so you can see how easy it is to earn.

What topics can you write about?
Any dang thing you want except for the obvious such as, no porn, no illegal stuff and so forth. They have categories and you can write what you had for breakfast or celebrity gossip that garners a lot of views. There are many nonsense posts, but its motto is "Speak Freely. Write Your World."

What are the rules?
The rules are simple, but they weren't always. At best, they were vague. When I joined, there wasn't a minimum word count. It was later implemented that posts needed to be at minimum 400 characters.

Other rules included:
* No plagiarism
* No referral or affiliate links
* No abusing of likes/dislikes, or gaming the system
* No link exchanging, bots, or requests to exchanges likes, comments etc.
* Must be in English
* No just posting photos or limited text

There seem to be some unwritten rule like you can only tweet your post once. I read this from various members, but it's not written anywhere on the site. Also, there are contradictory reports, again, from members that you aren't paid for dislikes on your posts. The site says otherwise.

Why are some people getting paid and others aren't?
I don't know, but I'm sick and tired of people saying you weren't paid because you broke the rules. Let me just say this -- I.Followed.The.Rules. and I didn't get paid. While for me it's only one measly $25 and some odd cents, there are many others who are owed hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars. There are two sides to a story, I know mine and I played by the rules and I still didn't get paid.

I Don't Recommend Writing for Bubblews!
Not only do they not pay good writers who follow the rules, their customer service and treatment of members is atrociously horrendous. They are hugely understaffed, but seem resistant in hiring more. They ignore emails. They send canned email replies and have the nerve to ask their members for patience regarding pending payments with many waiting for months. As of this writing, I've been waiting for four months and counting.

I mentioned they are paying some people, but there doesn't seem to be a payment queue. It's a hit or miss. If you write for them, be prepared to chase them for payment down the road. It happened to me and it can happen to you. I wish you TONS of luck because communication isn't their priority.

If you threaten them with legal action, they will delete your account. If you complain about not receiving payment or write anything uncomplimentary about them, they will delete your post and possibly your account.

Their payment model is unsustainable. Do the math. One cent for every unique view, likes and dislikes, comments and social shares paid to over 50,000 members and growing each day.

You're better off writing for your own site and reaping 100% of the rewards. At least, you have control of your income and when you will get paid.

Here's the update on the latest: Scam Alert: Bubblews


Sophia McIntyre is a Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Internet Marketer, and founder of a free resource focusing on work at home jobs, home businesses, ghostwriting services, money making opportunities, and more.

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