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A Money Maker? The Pros and Cons of Revenue Share Writing Sites
Written by: Sophia McIntyre
If you have ever contemplated on whether you should write for revenue sharing writing sites, then you should weigh the pros and cons for writing for these types of sites. I have only ventured into one revenue share site and it wasn't the wisest choice, but I managed to live through it and learn.

Revenue share writing sites aren't for me. It's not because of the bad experience I had with that one specific site, but the cons outweighed the pros. I'm not here to sway you or tell you what to do; we all have to make our own decisions. Is there money to be made from these sites? Sure. Then what's the problem, right? Let's look at the pros and cons of writing for revenue share.

1. It's a platform to showcase your writing. If it's an established site, then there is an audience in place and you don't have to find people to read your articles. Of course, it never hurts to promote your own work.

2. You don't have to maintain the site because it's not yours. You can write your articles and post them and not have to worry about anything. Technical difficulties or a glitchy site? Not your site, not your problem.

3. It's free! There are no costs for you.

4. You can earn a residual and passive income. As long as your articles are live on the site, you will earn from them forever.

5. Some sites allow you to include your affiliate links within your articles or in your byline helping you make more money.

1. Shared profits. The reason it's called revenue sharing. Depending on the site, some could offer a split 50/50, 60/ get the idea.

2. Low pay. Some are based on earning from AdSense and/or unique page views. Either way, earnings will be slow and low. We could be talking 1/2 cent on unique page views.

3. You have to adhere to specific guidelines and those guidelines could change any time which can possibly decrease your earnings. Most places want original content meaning you can't publish a rewritten piece elsewhere.

4. You may lose ownership of your articles. In some sites, once it's posted, the company retains all copyright. That's why it's important to read the terms of use before writing for any of these sites.

5. The site could disappear and your content along with your earnings will be gone too. It's possible, if they are shady, to start a new site with the content they have and reap all the profits.

6. You're providing content to help someone else make money. You will make some for yourself, but not more than what they'll make.

7. You have no control over the site.

8. You don't know when or if you'll get paid. Of course, a reputable site will pay and on time, but even reputable sites can run into problems. Payments can be delayed and it can become an ongoing problem.

The cons outweigh the pros and it has always been my thoughts, "Why write for someone else to earn pennies when you can write for yourself and reap 100% of the profits?"

I have no doubts you can make some money with revenue share writing sites. I know people who have and I have, but you could also make much more writing for yourself and writing whatever you want with no restrictions. I'm not saying choose one over the other because it's smart to diversify your income. If you're writing for profit sharing, seriously consider writing for yourself too.


Sophia McIntyre is the founder of Work At Home Space, a free resource for finding telecommute jobs and money making opportunities. She is also a freelance ghostwriter for hire who loves helping others bring their words to life.

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