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7 Job Ideas For Teenagers To Earn Money Online
Written by: S McIntyre

More teenagers are turning toward the Internet searching for online jobs to earn extra money from home. Despite the age requirements, teenagers can find real money making opportunities. If your teenager is looking for ways to work at home online discuss with them their interests, commitment and goals.

All of these work at home job ideas will require some help or involvement from either parent. Here are seven online job ideas for teenagers looking to expand their wings and or to explore their entrepreneurial side.

1. Surveys and focus groups are simple, fun and one of the easiest things to do. It doesn't require any experience, just a teenager's opinion. The types of surveys vary from topics about video games, movies, fashion, music, and other teen interests. Your teen may be compensated with money, Amazon or retail gift certificates, or points redeemable for cash or products. Signing up is always free; don't ever pay! Monetary payments are usually paid out to a PayPal account or by cheque.

2. Many teenagers have their own blogs and they can use it as a way to promote their affiliate programs or get referrals from survey companies they have joined. They can sign up with Clickbank, a marketplace with merchants who offer digital products for people to sell. These commissions are set anywhere from 1% to 75%. LinkShare and Commission Junction are other affiliate marketplaces.

3. If one or both parents have their own home business, you can hire your teenager and delegate some of the monotonous and time consuming tasks. These simple tasks could be typing and printing out address labels, submitting articles to article directories, link checking and so forth. Parents can also help their teenager get the word out to others who may have limited budgets, but need to outsource some work.

4. Some kids like to follow in their parents' footsteps, so if your teenager is interested in owning their own home business, you as a parent will have to be a co-signer.

5. Teenagers are very computer literate and savvy. Many are also artistic and creative. Becoming a web designer is a lucrative and rewarding career. Your teenager could be designing websites, creating blog templates, designing Twitter and MySpace backgrounds, buttons, logos etc. for anyone who can't or don't know how to do it themselves.

6. Teenagers can monetize their Twitter accounts with pay-per-click advertising companies like or

7. If your teenager enjoy making crafts or he builds model airplanes, with the help of a parent they can open up their own online store at

These are all worthwhile job ideas for teenagers who are interested in working at home and earning an income online. With a little help and support from you, your teenager can start earning their own spending money and maybe even put some away for college.


S McIntyre is the founder of a free work at home resource focusing on work at home companies, jobs for teens, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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