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5 Tips On Winning The Telecommuting Phone Interview
Written by: S McIntyre
As a telecommuting job seeker knows finding a work at home job is only one half the battle. Getting a phone interview is one step closer to landing the job.

You really only have one shot at an interview unless the first interview is a preliminary one. Either way you want to get a second interview and here are 5 tips on how you can have a winning interview and secure the position as yours.

1. Preparation - Come prepared for the phone interview. While you can't have rehearsed answers, you can prepare yourself to what may happen.

The two most common and toughest questions asked are, "Why do you want to work from home?" and "What are your weaknesses?" Be prepared to have an answer for both and practice saying it. Don't try to memorize or write down your answer because reading it off a paper will sound scripted, robotic and unnatural.

Have your cover letter and resume in front of you for quick references. Also have with you a pad of paper and pen to jot down any relevant information during the interview.

2. Quiet environment - It's easy to get distracted and lose concentration if there is background noise especially if you have kids or dogs. If possible, make other arrangements for child care and keep the television and radio off. If your phone interview comes unexpectedly, find the quietest room in your home.

It's best to use a landline phone, but if you're using a cell phone make sure it's fully charged and you're in the part of the house with the best reception.

3. Clear speaking voice - It's natural to be nervous, but when some people get nervous they ramble, speak fast, they sound too excited and their voice may crack or quiver. Slow down, be clear and concise. Only answer the question being asked. Avoid elaboration as this can lead to shooting yourself in the foot and make you sound like a nonsensical rambling fool.

Avoid the "ums" and non-speaking words like "mmhmm". Avoid using slang words like "yeah" and "uh-huh".

Speak with confidence and with a smile on your face. While your employer can't see it, they will certainly hear it in your voice.

4. Be a professional - Be courteous and professional at all times. Don't knock your previous employers or talk badly about other companies. There should be absolutely no eating, drinking or gum chewing during an interview.

For some people, getting dressed for the interview gives them more confidence. Get out of your jammies and dress for success!

5. Ask questions - This is part of being prepared for the interview. Research the company. Have a list of questions for your employer as this shows you were listening and are interested in the job.

One last tip: Like any other job interview follow it up with a "Thank You" letter and reiterate why you think you'd be the perfect telecommuter for the job.


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