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4 Ideas To Gain Work At Home Job Experience
Written by: S McIntyre
I was asked recently if it was possible to find a work at home job and make a real living with little or no job experience. The answer is yes, but to qualify for the higher paying jobs the fact is you need skills and experience.

How do you get experience if you have none? Here are four suggestions to consider and always keep an open mind.

1. Apply for jobs that require little skill or experience. You won't get paid as much as you want and that should be expected. You will probably be offered minimum wage or less, but don't forget you can't expect $15/hour for a job that doesn't require a whole lot of experience or requirements. On the other hand, you're not going to slave away for pennies either so use your judgement.

Many people who work at home work several jobs at a time. These smaller side jobs are flexible and you can work them any time.

2. It's true everyone has to start somewhere and some companies will hire people with no experience. AccuTran Global will hire people without prior experience for transcription work provided they can type well and with accuracy. People are required to have a good headset and a foot pedal. General transcription and writing jobs come highly recommended to people who have no experience.

Don't shy away from writing jobs. There are companies and independent home business owners who hire article writers. Some pay very low between $2 to $5 and up to $10 per article. Plus some will give you tips on how to write better. If this is something that will help you get your foot in the door of another higher paying company or just general job experience then it's something you may want to think about a bit harder.

3. If there isn't a job related skill or experience that came from working outside the home, use your interests and passion to create a home job for you. For many people interests or passion have evolved into self-employment.

4. Educate yourself by taking offline or online courses. While this doesn't help you earn money it's an investment in getting the qualifications you need to compete in a highly competitive work at home field.

When it comes to looking for a work at home job for someone with or without job experience, nothing is impossible or a lost cause. You always have options. Take a look at these four suggestions again and make the necessary changes in your life so you can get the experience you need and get the work at home jobs you want.


S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on work at home companies, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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