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4 Artistic Job Ideas People Can Do From Home
Written by: S McIntyre
If you're a creative person, there is variety of artistic job ideas to do from home. You can find these freelance jobs on various niche boards or you can start your own homebased freelance business.

So you're a stunning photographer with a keen eye for creating beautiful images. Your photo taking skills are unique and they tell a story. You can take your talent and work as a freelancer or turn it into something more like starting your own home based specialized photography business.

You already know that to be a photographer you need to be imaginative, creative and a think outside-of-the-box type person. There are many areas in which you can start your photography career and here are some suggestions.

*Stock Photos
*Family Portraits
*Newspaper, Magazine
*Wildlife, Outdoors, Nature
*Culinary - Food

Graphic Design
To be a graphic designer you need a lot of computer skills including desktop publishing training, good communication skills, problem solving skills and creativity. If you're looking for a job, a bachelor's degree is required. Keeping up with the latest software technology is also mandatory if you choose this field.

Some graphic designer jobs are:

*Logo Design, Brand Identity Design
*Flash Design
*Web Design
*Layout Artist
*Video Game, Animation or 3D Design

Arts & Crafts
Often times hobbies can turn into a home based business. It's how many crafters realize they could earn an income from what they love to do. Many people also enjoy and prefer handmade products and they are very likely to support independent "Mom and Pop" business owners. The arts and craft industry is vast and here are some popular artistic job ideas.

*Bath and Body Products
*Diaper Cakes
*Scrapbooking and Stamping
*Handpainted Crafts
*Recycled Crafts
*Wood Crafts
*Ceramics and Pottery
*Paper and Stationary
*Baskets and Flowers

Creative Writing
If you have a way with words writing could just be what you're looking for. Many people don't think they have the right writing skills, but don't underestimate your writing ability. There are many resources and training online if you need to hone your skill so if writing is what you're interested in pursuing then take a chance.

You can write for a variety of online sites. You can choose niche categories like a foodie writer or write for greeting card companies. You can write ad copy, marketing material, brochures, books or newsletters. You can also offer your ghostwriting services in any creative category.

If you're the creative type these four artistic job ideas may be just what you're looking for. Whether you choose to be a freelancer or self-employed, thorough researching and planning before going forward will avoid disappointment or failure. These creative job ideas are financially rewarding and even more so when you love what you do.


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