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15 Smart Job Questions To Ask The Interviewer
Written by: S McIntyre
It's necessary to ask your interviewer questions because it allows you to have a better understanding of the company and the position. Use this opportunity to ask good questions that will benefit you and help you make an informed decision when a job offer is presented.

The appropriate time to ask questions is when the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions for me?" The worst thing to say is, "No you've answered all of my questions." They don't like that at all because it tells them you're not really committed or interested in the job.

Keep these tips in mind when you ask questions:

- Ask open-ended, precise questions and avoid the yes or no replies. The goal is to glean as much information about the job or organization
- Ask questions that show your intelligence and knowledge about your industry by asking well-thought out questions that are relevant to the position or organization
- Don't ask about salary, vacation/sick pay or benefits
- Don't ask about things that were discussed in the interview unless you need clarification or expansion
- Don't ask more than one question at a time
- Don't ask too difficult questions that the interviewer may not be able to answer

Here are some suggestions you may want to use to ask your interviewer

What three things attracted you to this company?
What do you enjoy the most about working for this company?
What aspects of this position would you like to see improve?
What makes this company better than its competitors?
What is the most important requirement of doing this job well?
What is a typical work week like?
What are some of the challenges your current employees have faced or facing today and how is it handled?
How is someone's job performance evaluated and how often are they evaluated?
What are the job advancement opportunities for this position?
What level of performance do you expect from someone in three months?
How often does this company hire?
What traits make a person successful in this job?
What skills are the most important in this position?
What kind of turnover rate does the company have?
What would you like your new hire to bring to the position/company?

A job interview is a two way street. It's a time for the interviewer and you to get know one another and find if there's a good fit for both of you. If it's a company you really would like to work for, it's paramount to ask the right questions that shows your interest.


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