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The Power of Setting No Goals in Network Marketing
Written by: S McIntyre
It has been said many times and in many ways the importance of setting goals in network marketing, direct sales and other businesses. The end result is always achieving your goals either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You pull out your daily planner. You jot down the important tasks you must do today. You check them off as you complete them. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you have checked off every item on your day planner. You did it! You've completed what you set out to do today including getting two people on your team and with this huge achievement, you give yourself a deserving break and take the rest of the day off.

Nothing really wrong with this scenario, but why stop? Do you stop at the blackjack table when you're on a roll?

When I worked in retail sales, the store had a sales quota for the day and it was divided, not quite equally between the manager/assistant manager and the sales associates. When I reached my sales quota, I didn't quit or slack off. As a matter of fact, I was relishing in the multiple sales I was making with each customer and I pushed myself even harder because I wanted to see how many more dollar sales I could make before the end of my shift. After all, I was having a great day and the momentum was getting higher and higher with each customer.

As a network marketer or direct seller when you're on a roll, you're on a roll. You don't quit while it's good. You should ride on it and build from it. Why are you stopping at two sales? What makes you think you can't get more? Why should you even have a quota when really it's preventing you or limiting your earning potential? You've made two sales, it feels great so step it up and pull it up a notch or two. Call up your leads, set up appointments or meetings and make more money!

The power of setting no goals in network marketing or direct sales is abolishing the focus on "yes" quotas because once they are reached, it's human nature to feel satisfied and content. Instead, focus on the no goals quota by pushing and striving for more customers, more sales and more success. It does require a change in the way you think, but in the end the result will always be success.


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