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Marketing After The Holidays
Written by: S McIntyre
Businesses are getting an early start on their holiday advertising. Look around you...after Halloween, the festive displays adorn malls everywhere. Flyers and catalogs are knocking at your door. Soon you will be hearing on the radio and television the telltale signs the holidays are quickly approaching..

Community forums, social networks, blogs etc. are coming alive with holiday buzz. It's inevitable and you either go with the flow or ignore it altogether. Ignoring it wouldn't be a wise choice, but using it to your advantage is.

Will you be joining in the masses of offering some business specials of your own? Of course you will. Or maybe you won't because you're thinking ahead.

How will you fare after the holidays? After the mad rush of sales and discounts galore, where will you and your business be standing? This is usually considered the slow season, but it doesn't have to be. While it's good for your business to offer sales during the holidays, you can hold back a bit or go full force continuing your marketing efforts through the New Year.

If you're not joining in the masses then you should be taking advantage of this perfect opportunity and seeking out what your competitors are doing and gather tips to brainstorm for an effective "after sale" marketing campaign.

More than anything, this will be the time to kick it up into another gear. Not everyone will go overboard on their advertising budget. I'm sure there will be some bargain hunters looking for some good sales. These same bargain hunters may be waiting for the "after sale" and this is where you will come in to meet their needs.

Not all bargain hunters are bargain hunters so make sure you have an advertising campaign that is affordable to fit the needs of all budgets.

What would an "after sale" entail? It's not necessarily getting rid of old or discontinued inventory at hard to beat prices. It can be, but it's also the perfect time to introduce new products, services or advertising space that is affordably priced without underselling the value. These can be sold well into January and February or simply bundle up some items and mix 'n match old and new. It's really up to you.

Marketing your business is year round. It doesn't start and stop. It doesn't just pick up during the holidays and slow down after it. It does if you let yourself become complacent.

Instead of facing the dreaded slow season, your think ahead marketing plan will be prosperous. Ring in January and the New Year with consistent traffic and sales to your business. What a great way to start off the New Year on a high note!


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