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5 Link Building Strategies For Higher Site Exposure
Written by: S McIntyre
Link building strategies has come far beyond submitting your site to link directories. Link directories are there as a base or starting point to get your site more exposure, traffic and ranking. Don't solely focus on paid or free link directories because they aren't really effective anymore. It is also time consuming and you don't see many benefits for the time spent.

There are many different link building strategies for a new and or an established website. The tried and true signature advertising on networking communities and in emails is an evergreen strategy. They work for thousands of people and they produce great results. Another easy way to get your link out there is leaving blog comments that are relevant to your niche, but leave informative comments.

Here are five link building strategies that are worth your time and effort and the results? It can be amazing!

1. Flattery still goes a long way and creating a top list of experts, blogs, or articles etc. pertaining to your niche is one way to go about getting a mention and a link back to your website. The object isn't just to slap on a top list to get a link back even though that's exactly what you're attempting to do, but to offer a genuine reason for creating a top list.

Make sure your site is content worthy and it has a good amount of content. It doesn't give a good first impression if your site doesn't offer much value. This doesn't give the person you're looking for a link back a good enough reason to mention you let alone reciprocate. It may seem rude, but the truth is it can be detrimental to an established site to be linked to another site that looks like a link farm or looks spammy.

2. Create an award for example, top work at home Mom entrepreneur. Have an award button, badge or text link that can be placed on their website announcing their recognition. Create interview questions and add their photo to your site.

3. Track who's re-printing your articles the most on their site. You can use Google Alerts or type your article titles in Google. Make an offer if you can write exclusive content for their site or offer an ebook you have written that they can give away to their subscribers etc.

4. Offer testimonials on products or services you have used and loved. People want real testimonies to prove their genuineness and credibility.

5. Conduct an online survey, poll or focus group and then post the results with the participants' names and links in your newsletter and or site.

It's normal human behaviour when you help promote others first, others will return the favour. Link building falls in the same line. Offer something of true value; something that will make others feel important and the karma will come back to you in a positive way...more exposure on trustworthy high page ranking sites.


S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on providing work at home jobs, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources, ghostwriting services and other work at home related topics.

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