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Don't Compromise Your Computer's Security
Written by: S McIntyre
If you're using your computer to make money online then you need to be vigilant with your computer's security. A down computer means loss of revenue.

Here are some recommendations in keeping your computer safe while you're on the Internet.

If you like to use Internet Explorer 7, make sure your security settings in Internet Options are at it safest. Follow these steps:

Click on Tools then Internet Options
Click on the Security tab, then click on Custom Level

You will see: Active X Control and Plug-ins
The following should be Disabled

Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls
Binary and script behaviors
Download signed ActiveX controls
Download unsigned ActiveX controls
Intialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe

Scroll down to Downloads
Automatic prompting for file downloads - Disable

Enable Pop Up Blocker

Scroll down to Scripting
Allow paste operations via script - Disable

Click OK, when done to save the changes.

I recommend using Firefox for your browsing needs. It's a great standalone and safer browser than Internet Explorer. There are different themes and extensions which you can use to customize it to your needs. You can even view sites in IE with Firefox by downloading the IE extension.

Some telecommuting companies specifically ask for Internet Explorer so make sure you don't completely get rid of this browser.

Each time you visit a website, a cookie is installed on your computer. There's nothing wrong with it, but there is a concern for Internet privacy since it can be used to track your browsing behaviour.

Here are my recommended and basic software to download. All are free.

CCleaner - It's a quick click of a button to delete your online activities. It clears cookies, Internet history, temporary files and more.

Pop Up Stopper - For Internet Explorer you can use Panicware Pop Up Stopper. Although your computer already comes with a pop up blocker, it doesn't hurt to use two. In Firefox, I recommend downloading the Ad Block Plus extension.

Spyware Blaster - Works like an anti-virus program, but it's an anti-spyware program. It prevents the installation of spyware and other potentially unwanted software.

Zone Alarm Free or Pro - Depending on your needs. The free firewall version works very well.

AVG Free - Free antivirus program. Other popular free antivirus programs are Avast and Avira.

Some other recommended sites to bookmark are:

Trend Micro - It is a free online scan for viruses and spyware.

Some other recommended sites to bookmark are:

PC Pit Stop - Free computer checkup and diagnostics can help you detect and fix many common PC problems.

Shields Up! - Internet connection security for Windows users.


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