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4 Types Of Computer Desks For Your Limited Work At Home Space
Written by: S McIntyre
Working at home is a blessing in itself and if you have a home office with four walls and a door consider yourself lucky. There are some of us who don't have the traditional home office and choosing and deciding on a computer desk is an important purchase.

Look at how much space you need to work productively and then decide on the type of computer desk that is appropriate for your home office needs.

Computer Armoire
This is the type of computer desk I use. My home office space is in a small area in my living room right next to a window. It fits nicely along a short wall that faces my dining room. It has two doors that open like French doors and it has shelving off to one side, and shelving on the bottom to hold a printer, a fax machine or in my case a subwoofer and modem.

My computer armoire is very simple, but I have seen some very functional and elaborate ones. Some have drawers and slots on the bottom part of the door, while the top part of the door holds a cork board on one side and or a whiteboard on the other.

This is a good choice if you want to have your computer in an open living space, but at same time have it hidden when it's not in use.

Computer Hutch
One style of a computer hutch is similar to a computer armoire minus the doors. Think of it as an open faced sandwich. Another style is a computer desk with a fixed or detachable hutch that may or may not have an open back. There are a lot of styles with multiple storage space so make sure you find a design to meet your actual needs.

Computer Workstations or Computer Carts
Some mobile workstations like computer carts don't offer ample space, but if that is all you need then it would be ideal for you. Otherwise other non-mobile workstations have a bit more space. There will always be room for the necessities and one or two tier shelving. One of the many nice features on a computer cart is you can wheel it anywhere you wish in your home. Not only is it versatile and compact, but storing it away wouldn't be a problem.

Computer Desk
A computer desk can be a writing desk with or without a set of drawers on one side or on both sides. A little more elaborate computer desk is an L-shaped desk that comes in different lengths. To make it more functional, you can add a hutch to it. There are also U-shaped desks, but these desks aren't usually used in small areas.

All four types of computer desks are available as corner desks too. They also come in different finishes, heights, widths, styles, and designs so it's important to know what you like and what will work for you.

Make sure you check for ample leg room, deep or roomy drawers, and other must haves. Keep in mind how it will match with your room's decor. A small space doesn't mean you have to settle for the kitchen counter or dining room table. You can have a functional home office workspace with these four styles of computer desks to choose from.


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