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12 Tips To Get More Energy
Written by: S McIntyre
Cold winter days can zap anyone's energy just like that. Some people have an unlimited source of energy while others need to get a kick start and then maintain it throughout the day.

There are certain foods you should avoid eating or eating too much of that steals your energy. Here are some tips to avoid the wiped out feeling and give you more energy.

- Eat breakfast even if you're not hungry. This gets your metabolism going and it sets the day up on how healthy you will eat.

- Eat smaller meals and more frequently adding fibre to your diet to achieve a fuller feeling. Fibre also takes longer to get into your bloodstream providing more energy throughout the day.

- Yes it's true. Eating turkey does cause sleepiness because it contains an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan has a relaxing effect on people and it also regulates sleep. As you know, not everyone who has eaten turkey will be sound asleep on Christmas day.

- Dairy products like milk and cheese also contain high levels of tryptophan. Again it may affect some people.

- Consuming too much alcohol decreases your mental alertness and lulls you to sleep.

- Eating foods high in fat takes a lot of work and energy on your digestive system. While all the blood flow is working on your midsection, the lack of blood flow to other parts of your body makes you lethargic.

- Chocolate and other sweets can give you a sugar high and keep you going very briefly before it takes you down. Chocolate and other drinks like coffee and pop also contains caffeine and too much caffeine will put you on a rollercoaster ride with your energy.

- Overeating of anything will make you sleepy too. You should walk away from the dinner table satisfied, not stuffed.

- Keeping hydrated regardless of the weather is a daily must-do.

- Stress takes a lot of mental energy and for some people dealing with stress means getting into unhealthy eating habits.

- Shake it up, baby. Get up and get moving. People who exercise sleep better and are more energetic.

- Wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day even on weekends.


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