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10 Natural Ways To Combat Stress
Written by: S McIntyre

It's unrealistic to walk away from our responsibilities and our demanding jobs. The world is hectic and fast moving. If you stop, you have to work harder to catch up. Stress depletes our energy and breaks us down emotionally and physically.

Taking medication is not always the best solution to dealing with stress. Look to these 10 natural alternatives and see how they can reduce your stress levels.

1. Walking
Fresh air does amazing things to our senses and well-being. Walking for just 30 minutes a day increases our mental sharpness.

2. Write
Bring out a journal or notepad and start writing. Writing is very therapeutic. It's a way for many people to deal with their thoughts and feelings. It brings clarity for the mind and it's a good tool for problem solving.

3. Exercise
Working out is a proven method to calm the mind and relax the body during stressful times. Hormones are release during exercise that helps us focus better on things and it brings us more balance. People who exercise daily also sleep better and have a stronger immune system.

4. Deep Breathing
Deep breathing frees your mind of negativity and provides a sense of inner peace and tranquility. It will quiet and clear the mind of distractions. You will feel much more content and relaxed. The best part is you can do this anytime, anywhere as it only takes a few minutes.

5. Laughter
Whoever said laughter is the best medicine is so right. I would always feel better after a good laugh. Naturally, you would feel more lighthearted and positive.

6. Yoga
Not only does yoga reduce stress, there are multiple benefits like sleeping better, increase strength and endurance, lowers blood pressure and heart rate and much more.

7. Eat Well
Processed foods are way too accessible and target people who have hectic lives, but you can create healthy meals in 30 minutes if your kitchen is stocked properly. Take the time each week to have planned, home cooked meals. Over the weekend, make bigger batches, proportion them and freeze it.

8. Music
Listening to music is just one of those things that get you up and moving. You can enjoy different types of music to help you relax, meditate or exercise.

9. Aromatherapy
A few drops of essential oils in a bath, on a tissue or cotton ball to smell or in some boiled water to scent the room can lift your spirits, soothe your nerves, combat fatigue and tension.

10. Tea
There are a variety of herbal teas you can enjoy drinking to bring relaxation and calmness to your life. Chai tea has a combination of ingredients that offers a lot of health benefits. There are spices that lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar, remove toxins from the liver, aids in digestion, and contain antioxidants. Limit your tea intake as it contains caffeine.

These are all sound alternatives to fight stress on a daily basis. Even if the world is moving at a fast pace, take the time to slow down, breathe and take it one day at a time.


S McIntyre's blog, features an array of health topics, nutrition, recipes and fitness for maintaining an overall healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

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