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6 Kid Safe Venues to Celebrate Halloween
Written by: S McIntyre
There are other safe Halloween trick-or-treating options for parents who prefer to not let their children do the traditional trick-or-treating.

Parents can look into these six indoor places that offer safety and tons of fun.

1. House Party - Hosting a Halloween party for a small group of children doesn't have to be costly. Depending on the age group, you can make it as scary or light-hearted as you want. You can order in food or have other theme based finger foods. You can play games, do crafts, tell stories and you can even bob for apples.

2. Shopping Malls - Trick-or-treating in shopping malls have been going on for quite a few years. Check with your local malls on the time for the candy collecting from each participating store. It's a really fun environment for younger kids who can also enjoy other activities held in the mall like a parade, shows and costume contest.

3. Community Centers - Community centers may host a variety of Halloween theme activities, but expect to pay a small fee. Don't forget to check your local listings as you may also find that they may not only celebrate Halloween on the actual day, but days or week leading up to the day. You can also utilize community centers to book Halloween parties if you don't want to have to host it in your home.

4. Church - I know some church groups in our city offer free or by donation Halloween fun. They offer snacks, treats, games, activities and door prizes. You may even enjoy watching a firework display. Some of these may be held on Halloween night or on the weekend.

5. Schools - Some schools have a Halloween dance or party in the gymnasium. There are usually plenty of food, games, haunted house, movies and other fun activities for all ages.

6. Kids Sports Club or Leadership Clubs - Whether your son is in Boys Scouts or your daughter is in Girl Guides or sports related clubs they may also hold Halloween parties in their clubs.

The important thing is for your children to be safe and to also have fun. Check around your community for other Halloween attractions or events such as hay rides, pumpkin carving and corn mazes that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

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Sophia McIntyre is the founder of Work At Home Space, a free resource for finding telecommute jobs and money making opportunities. She is also a freelance ghostwriter for hire who loves helping others bring their words to life.

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