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10 Personalized Gift Ideas For the Hard-To-Buy-For
Written by: S McIntyre
It's hard to buy for the person who has everything. It's even harder to buy for someone when you have no idea what to get them. When it comes to decision time do you find yourself hemming and hawing over should I or shouldn't I? What are they going to do with it? Will they like it or the dreaded question, will they wear it?

Here are 10 gift ideas you can use or add to for the hard-to-buy person or come up with other creative ways to customize your gift to reflect the personality of your recipients. Utilize baskets, bowls, canvas bags or other types of containers to fill the goodies in.

1. Movie Lover - You can use an ice-cream bucket and decorate it to make it look like a popcorn bucket and add a box of popcorn or other snacks, favourite movie, movie gift certificate, or a book about movies or movie trivia.

2. Brain Teaser - For the person who loves to do puzzles add sudoku, crossword puzzles, mensa, Rubik's cube, etc. Include pens or pencils, a box of their favourite tea or coffee and a mug.

3. Sports Lover - Do you have a golf enthusiast? Include golf balls, tees, small towel, sunscreen, and a subscription for a golf magazine or a book on golf tips and techniques.

4. Kitchen Chef - If you have a person on your list that loves being in the kitchen get an apron, kitchen utensils, or gather an assortment of exotic spices. Start a collection of recipes that ask for exotic spices, print them out on index cards to put in a recipe box or make and bound a recipe book.

5. Tea or Coffee Lover - Add a variety of flavoured teas and or coffee blends, two mugs, jams, jellies, cookies, shortbread or chocolates.

6. Gardener - Include different packets of seeds, garden gloves, plant markers and a hand garden tool or a knee mat.

7. Spa Treatment - Include a loofah, homemade bath salts, scented candles, aromatherapy oils, cooling eye mask and relaxing music CD.

8. Crafter - It will all depend on what the craft is. You can include glue sticks, a craft knife, beads, acrylic paints, stencils, brushes, etc.

9. Winter Theme - Include moisturizing lip balm, slippers, hand lotion, gloves or mittens, ear muffs, scarf, hot chocolate and a pass for skating, snowshoeing or skiing.

10. Couch Potato - Include a TV guide subscription, snacks, movies, popcorn and a cushion.

There are many more gift ideas and it's up to you to use your creativity. There will be quite a bit of work involved, but in the end you will have a special gift that will be greatly appreciated because it was unique, fun and personal.

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Sophia McIntyre is the founder of Work At Home Space, a free resource for finding telecommute jobs and money making opportunities. She is also a freelance ghostwriter for hire who loves helping others bring their words to life.

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