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Work At Home Forums - 5 Taboo Topics
Written by: S McIntyre
Work at home forums are great places to discuss an array of topics like business strategies, tips on marketing, blogging, web development and so forth, but they are also a place to kick off your shoes, hang out and discuss non-business related topics. Some of these topics are considered taboo or they aren't really appropriate to be discussed on work at home forums because they can cause negativity and backlash.

Religion is a tough topic to discuss without offending anyone. Regardless of what statements are made, someone will find something wrong with it and take it the wrong way. It's a sensitive and personal subject and each person has their beliefs, views and opinions about it. No matter what is said, you can't convert or change the minds of what people believe in. One religion is not better than the other so it's best to leave this subject out of work at home forums.

Politics is another sensitive topic and discussions on this can quickly become heated. Again, politics is a personal choice where you can't force someone to see what they don't want to see or hear. You can have healthy discussions about laws or about healthcare, just don't start finger pointing and using abusive language towards the party's members or leader. Remember you're still representing yourself as a professional business person. Don't let your emotions get the better of you.

Discussing your health problems on a public work at home forum or any social networking site can be detrimental if you're a job seeker. It's a fact recruiters do scour forums looking for potential employees. Recruiters also track what their employees or independent contractors are saying about them. It's best to be on your best behaviour so you don't negatively impact your chances of getting a work at home job with any particular company.

How much is too much personal information shared on a forum? Discussing how your spouse cheated on you and how you sought revenge is sharing too much. Whatever is openly talked about on a public forum will eventually get locked into internet space where it can be dug up. You'll leave a permanent footprint that can be used against you. If you're unsure as to what's too personal ask yourself if you would be embarrassed or ashamed if your kids, family or friends knew about it.

Discussing how much you make is really inappropriate. You wouldn't walk up to anybody on the street and ask how much they made so why would you do this on a work at home forum?

Work at home forums are valuable places to get and find support, network and share ideas, but there are boundaries when it comes to non-business related topics. Think before your speak and think of the consequences before you jump into any personal discussions.


S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on providing work at home jobs, daily telecommute job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics. You can find support and network on her work at home forums.

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