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Vacation Time? 3 Tips For Your Home Business
Written by: S McIntyre
I'm sure many people think people who work from home is like being on vacation. As a matter of fact, it's rarely true. I work at home and it's not a vacation. Most days I manage to set aside at least one hour of work out time. It clears my mind, de-stresses and motivates me to start my day off on the right foot. After I throw in a load of laundry and make myself a fruit smoothie I finally settle down in front of my computer and start work.

Vacation? Hardly. I enjoy the flexibility and advantages of working at home which is why I chose what I did, but it also requires self-discipline, self-motivation and a lot of hard work. It's not always easy to achieve my goals set for the day as there are tons of distractions, but slacking off has its consequences and I know darn well what they are. Playing catch up is never fun and it becomes more difficult if you lose your balance between working at home and your work at home. I'm fortunate enough to be able to multi-task, know my limits and say no if my plate is too full.

Equally, people who work at home deserve a vacation too. Taking time off is important and more people should do it. Everyone needs to rejuvenate, re-energize and re-focus. Many people have laptops and will take it with them while on vacation, but there are still some of us who don't and won't have access to a computer while on holiday.

Here are three tips to help you enjoy your time away without worrying about your business at home.

1.If you have your own business and you don't have an assistant, remember to set up an autoresponder for all your email addresses. You may want to let your clients/subscribers/members know you'll be out of town from this date to that date.

2. If you own a website, you may want to give your log in details and contact information to someone you trust. It's really more for peace of mind should anything arise.

3. If you have an assistant, you're in good hands. Just remember to give him/her your contact information in case you need to be reached.

Although I love what I do online, I'm really looking forward to this holiday. I still need to recharge my batteries, spend quality time with my family and I know all work and no play isn't effective for anyone especially if you're burnt out. Don't get me wrong I will miss being online, but I won't be searching and running to the nearest Internet cafe.


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