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Three Key Elements You Should Know Before Starting A Forum
Written by: S McIntyre
I can assure you starting a forum is not as easy as one may think. Before you start your forum, here are three key elements you need to know.

Hard work. Everything requires work if you want to be successful. What kind of forum are you building? Is it a niche forum? Will it be a free-for-all advertising forum or will it be a community forum where people can network, learn, and share?

Time. It takes a lot of devotion, effort and energy. You can't start a forum and expect it to run itself. That won't happen until you start the groundwork and even then don't expect miracles. Once it's seeded, it will still require maintenance. To develop a viable community forum it can take months and even years.

Patience. Not only will you be spending a lot of time creating it, but when you open its door and a few dozens have trickled in will you feel you have failed? What if these few dozens turn out be lurkers/readers only? How are you going to make it an active forum? How will your visitors become members? Will you create threads that are interesting and or peak people's interest? Will your posts create a domino effect? What does your forum offer and what will make your members return often? After all, you didn't create it so you can talk to yourself.

You will need to train your moderators. Yes, eventually you will need moderators because...

"If you build it, it will come." Yes it will! As a matter of fact they will come in droves...spam bots and human spammers. Not exactly the type of members you would like to have, right? You will want your moderators to know what is not acceptable, training your mods how to move/delete/merge posts, ban, etc. Tip: Don't wait for the spam bots...install a hack to curb the bots before they get the chance to take over you and your forum.

Hard work aside, having a community forum is enjoyable and it's a wonderful way to be interactive with many people around the world. It's a valuable and powerful business marketing and learning tool that if used properly can be successful for everyone involved.


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