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Enjoy A Guilt-Free Semi Workless Holiday
Written by: S McIntyre
A festive holiday only comes once a year. It's a time to take a breather and celebrate the joys of the holiday with family and friends. There are so many things to be merry, see and do with your family.

There are also tons of distractions, so are you going to be working during the holiday? I understand if you're working for an employer you have a set schedule to follow, but if you're a business owner you have control of which hours you choose to work.

As business owner, let me share with you some tips on how you can take a break and enjoy a non-working or at least a semi non-working holiday without feeling an ounce of guilt.

If you're going cold turkey, set up an autoresponder if you don't plan on checking emails. Also notify your customers, vendors etc. that you will be taking some time off. As long as everything is squared away, you can turn off your computer and hang a "Closed" sign

If you're like me, you're probably not going to completely shut down, but you're not going to slave away 8+ hours day in and day out and follow a strict schedule.

As a matter of fact you can:

Work when you want without any expectations
  • Early morning before everyone gets up
  • Quiet time at night when everyone's gone to bed
  • An extra 30 minutes here and there
During these times check your emails, fill customers orders (if it can be done quickly), answer inquiries or make a business phone call, but don't turn it into a continuous 4 hour work day unless there's an urgent matter that needs to be taken care of. Basically you're just maintaining your business without really putting in the full work effort and it's not going to feel like you're working.

You have nothing to worry about if you've planned ahead so if you miss a day or two don't sweat it. Your business isn't going to fall apart or go anywhere. If you like to follow a set schedule, by all means re-work your regular daily planner and allot block times for work and for holiday activities like mall shopping, decorating, baking, family time, kids' activities etc.

This is just a brief hiatus; you have all of next year to get back to the daily grind. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season and immerse yourself in the simple pleasures with likes of sitting by the fireplace sipping your favourite beverage or watching the snow fall and whatever pleasures you have that you don't take the time to enjoy when you're working.


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