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5 Popular Choices To Make Money With A Blog Or Website
Written by: S McIntyre

People new to blogging will often ask this question, "I don't get it! How do people make money with their blogs?" Once you have set up your blog or website, there are many different and free ways to make money with it.

Let's look at the five most common ways to make money with your blog or website.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising
Monetize your blog or website with Google AdSense. You can choose text link ads, banner ads or a combination of both and you are paid for every visitor who clicks on an ad or banner. There are different size ad units you can display throughout your blog/website and colour schemes to complement your blog. You can increase your earnings by adding AdSense to your RSS feed.

This requires approval, so make sure you have enough quality content on your blog or website before registering. You will get paid once your account reaches $100 in any month.

Other pay per click advertising networks include AdBrite, Chikita, Yahoo Publisher and BidVertiser.

2. Direct Advertising
There are no set standards when it comes to pricing on direct advertising. Do your research with blogs/websites that are similar to yours. You can use it as a guideline, but the best way to determine what price you should set is by trial and error. You don't want to price your ad space too high that you don't get any buyers and you don't want to undersell that devalues your site's worth. Work with some numbers and see how it performs.

Two of the most common ad formats are 125x125 button ad and 468x60 full banner ad. You can also offer text ads, banner rotation and other ad space combinations. You can sell ad space in your newsletter or ezine. If you have a forum, you can sell paid memberships or if you have a link directory, you can offer premium ad space.

3. Affiliate Marketing
You can use Clickbank or other marketplaces to find digital products to sell. The products you choose to promote should complement your niche.

4. Own Product Marketing
A lot of people create blogs or websites because they have something to promote of their own. They may be an independent home business owner offering a service or other tangible merchandise; home business consultants with direct selling companies or someone who has single product to sell. Whatever it may be, blogs and websites are excellent platforms to help you make money.

5. Paid To Blog
There are companies that will pay you to write a review on their products and services or even pay you to put ads on your blog. Your blog has to meet certain requirements before you're accepted. Once your blog post is reviewed by the company you are paid.

These five top ways are simple to implement. You may not see profits right away, but it's a good start to making money with your blog and website. Be consistent in your promotion and find different ways to bring in traffic because ultimately the more traffic you get, the more money you make.


S McIntyre is the founder of, a free work at home resource focusing on work at home companies, daily telecommuting job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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