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3 Places To Find Quality Leaders In Your Business
Written by: S McIntyre
When it comes to looking for a business leader in your niche, it's important to follow or find several. The main reason is not all leaders have the same level of expertise and some believe they are experts in their niche, but they really aren't.

There are places where you can find the experts and important qualities you should look for in a leader.

A good place to start finding leaders or experts related to your industry is through their articles. Do their articles have enough substantial information and do they answer your questions or concerns? Or are they regurgitating the same topic explained in different words? You can easily look into a single sub-category, for example, time management and see if their previous articles are written with the same ideas or with different ideas.

Many choose different areas to write about which is perfectly fine, but if they specialize and/or are known for their expertise in say, telecommuting jobs then they should have more articles about telecommuting and not about home and garden.

Search for them on niche forums, blogs and social networking sites. Pay attention to how they answer people's questions. Are they vague and offer common sense replies or do they go in detail? Do they communicate effectively? How do they relate to the different levels and ages of internet marketers? Do they relate well to the beginner or do they talk down to them? Do they actively engage and show their expertise in business discussions or do they stay away?

You can also find leaders on their blogs and through comments left on people's blogs. Do they offer additional value, insight or perspective or do they just reiterate what has already been said or worse offer one-liners?

Leaders don't shy away from sharing their knowledge and expertise or expressing their thoughts and opinions. They aren't afraid to speak out against the norm. They welcome it and embrace it because a true leader cares and is not just always in it for the money.

Leaders are confident, but not arrogant. They have positive attitudes and they are forward thinking people who constantly come up with new ideas to grow their business. They take action and they motivate and inspire. They are passionate about what they do and what they offer. Leaders are genuine, trustworthy, honest, professional, supportive, respectful, responsible, and accountable. They are original and they have integrity.

These are all excellent qualities of a strong business leader. This is what you should look for and strive to be so you can set an example for others who are looking up to you.


S McIntyre is the founder of a free work at home resource focusing on work at home companies, daily telecommuting job leads, articles, business resources, networking forum and other work at home related topics.

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