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The Power in Signature Advertising
Written by: S McIntyre
Back when I first started online I didn't know how important and effective signature advertising would be. I was told by the experts it was a good way to get exposure and a good place to put it would be in your email signature. They mentioned the possible viral effect you would get from a single forwarded message.

I took their advice and attached a signature to my personal email address so whenever I forwarded or sent an email, people would see it and if they forwarded it? It made perfect sense to me. I received an email that was too good to not share and I forwarded it to my friends. Before I knew what hit me, I was blasted for forwarding an email for the sole intention of soliciting or as she put it "some sort of propaganda."


I didn't know if I was happy, angry or shocked by her accusations. I sent the email for what it was and nothing more. My email signature was neither elaborate, misleading nor threatening; there wasn't even a call to action. It was a simple two-liner that piqued her interest and she clicked it.

I realized the experts who told me this knew exactly what they were talking about and they were dead on. Their point was proven that signature advertising is potent and effective.

Fast forward to today and signature advertising is still going strong and yet people are still underestimating the power of signature advertising. On forums when people ask how to get free traffic to their business or website, the signature file is always missing. This is one of the very first things to do when you join a forum is to create a signature file. Some forums don't allow this, but more often than not it is encouraged.

I've had people who registered on my forum and told me they found me through my signature file on another forum. I know signature advertising works because I see it every day in my web stats.

Forums and emails aren't the only places to add a signature file. You can add them to the end of an article you've written. This is considered more of a resource box or byline, but it's somewhat the same thing. You can add a signature file if you post to discussion groups, newsgroups, in your newsletter or ezine, mail lists and even after your blog posts.

Signature advertising is highly effective and it's free. Use it to your advantage because it is a really powerful advertising tool.


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