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Four Creative, Low Cost Offline Holiday Advertising Ideas
Written by: S McIntyre
It's that time of year again to kick it up a few notches and really showcase and promote your business. The holidays are a wonderful time to start thinking out of the box and become creative.

There are so many options when it comes to offline advertising. You have your regular distribution of business cards, flyers, magnets, and free promotional items to give away. How about something a little bit out of the ordinary? How about something to let others show you mean business? No pun intended.

Here are four creative, low cost offline holiday advertising ideas. Take some of these ideas as is or add a little twist to make them your own.

1. Door prizes for office parties. Give your spouse a heads up about offering a coupon and or a small gift basket for their company's office party or for anyone else's for that matter. To spread the word, make up a detailed flyer with either pull tabs or business cards attached. Walk the walk and promote yourself through word of mouth. If it's in your budget offer a small token for the person who you're doing business with. This just makes it extra special.

2. Personalized return address labels. You can print them out yourself, order them at or have a rubber stamp made. You have your name, address and city, so how about add to it a short, witty, but catchy tagline or slogan with your web address? These can be used year round unless you plan on having holiday graphics.

3. Gift tags. These can be ordered too, but you can make them extra special by creating them yourself because you can make them any size. Add a tagline, a personal note or double the gift tag as a savings/discount card for your products/services. Add your website's URL and a promotional code if needed to make purchases online. This would be convenient for anyone, but especially for out-of-town friends and associates.

4. Wrap it up "write". Most gifts require wrapping. To make this your own, use the holiday wrapping paper. Then personalize it by using heavier card stock paper with a decorative border or coloured paper etc. as your greeting card or gift tag. Write a poem, a personal note or something as simple as "Wrapped by your name and your website URL." Instead of wrapping small items in tiny boxes, stuff them in decorative jars with a label and a pretty bow tied around the jar's lid with a gift tag and "Wrapped by______."

Use these four creative, low cost offline advertising ideas this holiday season. Give yourself the extra edge by taking the boring out of flyers and making them into discount savings, coupons redeemable for samples, invitation to an open house with a free prize draw entry. Flyers and other promotional materials don't have to be a piece of advertising copy. It can be anything you want it to be.

Go ahead and put a new spin on your offline advertising efforts. It will beam with excitement and your potential customers will appreciate your special and personal touches and this could be just exactly what separates you from your competitors.


S McIntyre owns a free work at home resource focusing on telecommuting companies, daily job leads, articles, resources and more.

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