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Do Free Advertising Forums Work?
Written by: S McIntyre
A question was asked recently whether free advertising forums will work for her site. There are many forums that are for the sole purpose of advertising. Are these effective and do they really work is the question.

I have read some people swear by free advertising forums and their results are good and they recommend it. My experience with it amounted to nothing, but a huge waste of my time. Why does it work for some people and not for others? Like many things what works for you may not work for me and vice versa couldn't be any truer.

Truthfully it depends on what you're promoting and who you are promoting to. A dog site selling gourmet dog biscuits is not going to do well; on the other hand, promoting something from Clickbank may result in some click-through and possible sales. What these advertisers have in common with one another is their niche. Very rarely if ever do I see advertisement for gourmet dog biscuits or diaper cakes on free advertising forums, but I'm certain there are discussion forums for these products.

The main focus of free advertising forums is the free advertising part and with that being said...

I'm a strong believer in using community forums to network. It's getting to know people, getting people to know me by being actively involved in the community either through sharing experiences, information, opinions or asking questions. People buy from people they know and trust, period.

This article is about free advertising forums and not community forums so it's up to you to decide whether a particular free advertising forum will work for you. Remember though, these advertisers will be doing what you're doing -- posting an ad and leaving. Ask yourself this:

  • Is this your target market?
  • Will you be looking at what other advertisers are promoting?
  • Is there enough trust between you and the advertiser to purchase their product?
If you answered yes, then free advertising forums may just be what you're looking for. In order for free advertising forums to work effectively, you need to write strong headlines and compelling ads that call to action or your ad will be buried under the heaps of other ads. Avoid hype, provide facts and be genuine.

Basically it's trial and error with common sense. As mentioned above dog biscuits won't work on general free advertising forums. Recognize your niche and target market and you should do fine.


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