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5 Holiday Ideas To Advertise and Give Back To Your Customers
Written by: S McIntyre
Customers are vital to your business. If you have none then you don't have a business. How you treat your customers will partly depend on whether they will become returning customers.

Although it's ideal to show your appreciation now and then, the holidays seem to be the perfect time of year to give back to your customers and it can be done in these five ways.

1. Holiday Cards
Sending a holiday card through snail mail or an e-card is a personal, yet simple, thoughtful gesture of saying, "Thank you and I appreciate you". In the card attach a time sensitive gift certificate allowing them to get in during the holidays. It shows how much you care about them and their business.

2. Freebies
Freebies can be in a form of sharing marketing/advertising tips, e-books, small gift bags, service or products that you think will help your customers during the holidays. It's just another way of expressing your appreciation and who doesn't like freebies?

3. Share the Gift
Looking for new customers with your existing customers? This is a great way to achieve this. You can offer your customer a free gift if they refer someone to you. To make it more enticing you can offer a discount or a buy now save later discount etc. to your new customer. Just come up with your own unique ideas as to what you think your customer would like to receive.

4. Network
Networking with your customers benefits everyone around. If you're offering a contest or online party, ask for a prize donation for your holiday event. In return you give them something free or a gift certificate. You can also donate a gift of your own for their holiday party.

On another note, have an online party for your customers with guest speakers, door prizes etc.

5. Customer Appreciation Day
You can have a theme based customer appreciation day. Bundle up on some advertising deals and offer them as stocking stuffers for under $20, offer free shipping, and involve other businesses who would like to give away promotional samples. This would also be a great time to introduce and showcase your new products or services to your loyal customer base. It's like giving them first dibs on the goods. If possible, offer free samples or discounts.

Use these five holiday ideas to give back to your customers and promote your business this holiday season. Don't just make it this season, make it every season.

"Thank you" is a powerful word, but appreciation goes a long way and sometimes action just speaks louder than words.


S McIntyre owns a free work at home resource focusing on telecommuting companies, daily job leads, articles, business resources and other work at home related topics.

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